Welcome, please note that I currently have availability for new supervisees but unfortunately  not for new clients. I will remove this note when this changes.

Hello and welcome to my site, I am a counsellor, psychotherapist  and supervisor with over 19 years experience, I am registered with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).

There are times in life when we feel a sense that things aren’t right, we feel stuck and perhaps have been struggling with the same issue for a while. Or it may be that a sudden recent event has unsettled the way life was and things aren’t quite the same as before. We often think that we should solve it by ourselves but at times this may prove difficult and frustrating.

Sometimes making the initial contact is the hardest step.   Call me or email me to discuss what you need. Please note that I currently only work online via zoom

Contact me on 07903 024478

or email: info@deborahellenor.co.uk